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  • Father’s Day-50-To Dad
  • Mother’s Day-2-68-To Grandmother
  • Mother’s Day-2-71-To Extended Family Member
  • Mother’s Day-2-72-To Extended Family Member
  • Father’s Day-2-73-To Extended Family Member
  • Father’s Day-2-74-To Extended Family Member
  • Mother’s Day-4-2-Non Specific
  • Mother’s Day-4-3-To Daughter From Parents
  • Mother’s Day-4-4-To Wife
  • Mother’s Day-4-5-To Wife and Mother Of Step Children
  • Father’s Day-4-17-From Son or Daughter
  • Father’s Day-4-36-To Husband and Father of Step Children
  • Mother’s Day-6-7-Non-Specific
  • Mother’s Day-6-27-Mom
  • Mother’s Day-6-28- Mom
  • Happy Father’s Day-6-29-Dad
  • Mother’s Day-6-30-Mom
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